About the course author, James E. Graham:

Mr. Graham has practiced Eminent Domain law exclusively for forty-five years. He received his B.A. from Loras College and a J.D. from the University of Iowa and has been a licensed member of the Iowa Bar Association since 1964. He served four years as an Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Iowa Highway Commission and 21 years as Manager, Right of Way Administration for the Iowa Department of Transportation. He was a founder of Graham Land Acquisition Associates (GLAA) and served as President, Right of Way Director, and in-house Legal Counsel from January 1, 1990, to January 6, 2008. Mr. Graham continues to provide eminent domain land acquisition project planning/coordination and condemnation hearing services through Graham Law Office to which he continues to devote all of his legal practice time.

Mr. Graham became a member of the International Right of Way Association in 1971, served on the International Education Committee and as President of the Iowa-Nebraska Chapter. As a certified Right of Way Association instructor he presented right of way courses in both Iowa and Minnesota. He received the Iowa Chapter Right of Way Professional of the Year award in 1985

Mr. Graham has authored, maintains, and continues to instruct the nine volumes of his Land Acquisition Design Course (1986-present), each a 16-hour two-day course. By 2006 over a thousand people had attended one or more of his courses. He co-authored Real Estate Appraisal Licensing – Iowa Legislative Bill (1988-1989); Land Survey and Platting – Iowa Legislative Bill (1988-1990); the Relocation Assistance and Land Acquisition Policies Act – Iowa Legislative Bill (1987-1989) and the Uniform Administrative Rules and Policy to implement the new law (1989-1990); and initiated the proposal for and contributed to the drafting of Section 476.27 Public Utility Crossing – Railroad Rights-of-Way, of the Iowa Code (1997-2004). Mr. Graham authored both a City Condemnation Manual for the Iowa Highway Research Board (1996) and a County Condemnation Manual for the Iowa Highway Research Board (1995), and co-authored the Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Right of Way Appraisal Operational Manual (August 2003).

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